COLLIDER is a series of six comic books, each covering the backstory of a different character, up until the moment when they find themselves transported to the future. Created by Nuno Bernardo and written by Mike Garley, the comics have been illustrated by six different artists: R.H Stewart, Gareth Gowran, Jack Tempest, Will Pickering, Martin Simmonds and Michael Lee Graham. The Comics are available as an App on iTunes and Google Play, as a Graphic novel on Amazon an Apple iBookstore and now on paperback version in major comic stores in Europe.

COLLIDER: The Graphic Novel is a melting pot of old sci-fi tropes and standards; time travel, black holes and worm holes, strangers mysteriously thrown together across time/space, and a discredited scientist struggling to convince the world of impending dangers. After figuring out the devastation that the Large Hadron Collider in CERN will cause, discredited scientist Peter Ansay sabotages the facility with unexpected consequences. He wakes up to find himself in a future in which the disaster he predicted has happened.

COLLIDER uses its two main artists to great effect. As it switches between the future and flashbacks to the present, both narratives have their own artist, lending them a unique feel. It is also a distinction that helps eliminate any potential confusion with the story’s structure.

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Peter Ansay

Peter Ansay (29), Scotish

Son of a revered Nobel Prize scientist, Peter is genius at Quantum Physics, who was hired by CERN to research the possibilities of Time travel connected to the LHC experiment, through the creation of micro black hole. But when he discovers that the consequences of the Collider experiment could be catastrophic for the entire world, Peter is dismissed by CERN and his credibility as a scientist was utterly destroyed.

After months spent in reclusion in his hotel room, Peter decides to break into CERN and hack the devices to travel to the future, with the aim of bringing back a proof of the effects of the LHC. But something goes unpredictably wrong and what he finds is not the future he expected. Moreover, five people from different eras have mysteriously been transported along with him. Despite his knowledge, Peter seems a little eccentric and is definitely not a leader due to his lacking social skills. Moreover, Peter has always had faith in his own abilities but once he discovers that his theory was faulty, he starts questioning himself and faces self-confidence issues in the moment that he has to make the biggest decision.

Alisha Tate

Alisha Tate (24), English

Alisha is a totally self-absorbed and always complaining rich girl. Having grown up on a council estate, Alisha always vowed to have more than her family did. She was always surrounded by violence and danger and wanted to get out of that life. A survivor by nature, she used her looks to get ahead. That’s how she gets to know Mac, a big-time drug dealer who charms her and sets her up in a luxury apartment in London, with designer clothes and all cons. She always knew there was something dirty about him but she didn’t care, as she was finally getting what she wanted from life. Until the day Mac’s dirty business starts affecting Alisha’s life...

Once in the future, she’ll demonstrate to be much more skilled than she thought, guiding the group through the CERN tunnels to the Collider, thanks to a striking photographic memory. Alisha will come to realize that she is a smart, driven young woman who pulled herself out of poverty and that her life with Mac isn’t as rosy as she would like to believe.

Carlos Vera

Carlos Vera (37), Spanish

Once a professional gambler, grown rich thanks to his unerring lucky coin, Carlos loses all his fortune the day Luck decides to turn her back on him. From that moment on, Carlos becomes a skilled con artist, using his charm to wheel and deal his way through life. Until the day he tries to cheat the wrong person and ends up running for his life.

Carlos is a smooth talker who always has a con on the go, in the attempt to take advantage of the situation - which doesn’t win him many lasting friends. But as the adventure unfolds, he’ll learn to trust other people, and to live by the choices he makes. An even if those choices implies scarifying to save someone else’s life.

Fiona Murphy

Fiona Murphy (32), Irish

Typical Irish flame red hair to match her fiery temper, Fiona has a very strict moral sense of right and wrong. As a computer engineer she worked as a member of the team that developed the software managing the LHC. Besides being a skilled programmer, Fiona is mother of a young girl, Hannah, who she loves more than anything else. However, one sad day, Fiona’s 4 years-old daughter disappears without a trace.

For the following three years Fiona devotes her life to finding her daughter, unable to forgive herself for losing sight of her. Her marriage falls apart as a consequence of her ignoring her husband’s grief and hardening herself to the world around her, by becoming increasingly obsessed with one single aim: finding Hannah, at all costs.

Luke Spencer

Luke Spencer (30), American

Luke used to be a member of the FBI Bomb Disposal Squad in San Diego. Confident on the verge of cockiness, Luke used to spend his spare time repairing his old Harley Davidson, reveling in the beach culture and socializing with his group of friends and his lover, Kim, who was one of the members of his team. Until the day he blew everything up.

During an attempt to disarm a major bomb threat, Luke accidentally caused the explosion of the device and the death of his team - and the woman he loved. In the months that followed Luke became a recluse, withdrawing from his world and cutting himself off from family and friends. Unable to trust his own instinct and haunted by guilt, Luke soon started considering suicide as the only way out left...

Lúcia de Souza

Lucia de Souza (26), Brazilian

Stunningly beautiful but unaware of her effect on men, Lucia looks fragile but she is a fighter. Lucia comes from a very religious family but after witnessing the collapse of the world, as she knew it and the death of her parents at the hands of the Unknown, she completely lost her faith in God. Alone in the world, she quickly learnt how to defend herself and how to survive in an increasingly treacherous world.

Lucia’s gentle nature and determination will be the “glue” that’ll keep the group together, especially during the moments of highest tension. Lucia will be the first one to support of Peter’s plan to travel back in time, as she sees in it a way to correct their mistakes, save her family and hopefully also save the world from destruction.

Graphic Novel
Peter Ansay
Alisha Tate
Carlos Vera
Luke Spencer
Lúcia de Souza


Created by
Nuno Bernardo

Written by
Mike Garley

R H Stewart
Gareth Gowran
Jack Tempest
Will Pickering
Martin Simmonds

Michael Stock

Michael Lee Graham
Jack Tempest
Sérgio Azevedo

Edited by
Catriona Scott & Mike Garley

Additional Artwork

Rui Soares