COLLIDER: Shot in Lisbon in January 2012, the Web Series prequels the COLLIDER story world. A Swiss hotel room and facilities were built on a sound stage to create the set of the series, featuring Iain Robertson in the role of scientist Peter Ansay, also played by Iain in COLLIDER: The Movie

The series features the weeks before Peter Ansay's sabotage attack: after figuring out the devastation that the Large Hadron Collider in CERN will cause, discredited scientist Peter Ansay sabotages the facility with unexpected consequences. This attack will open a wormhole and make him jump to 2018 and bring with him the other five characters, all from different backgrounds, and none of them with any idea how they got where they are.

The Web series written by Catriona Scott and Nuno Bernardo and directed by Bernardo, conquered more than 1 million views on-line and was webcasted on YouTube and SAPO Videos Portal and broadcasted on Portuguese TV Channel SIC Radical.

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